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23rd December 2012 -

Shetland Summer

Over summer I spent a couple of weeks on Britain's most northerly island, the Shetlands. Sitting at a latitude of 60 degrees north, I was closer to the Arctic Circle than I was to my home in Manchester. Shetland is probably the best place I've ever visited, some places feel so remote and pristine you forget you're still in Britain. The scenery and wildlife is on another level to anything that I have experienced before, and I'm pretty confident that I'll be going back there again and again.

I also had a new camera to take on the trip - the Nikon D800 - which performed beyond what I had expected. The clarity and dynamic range of the massive 36 megapixel sensor is incredible. I was a little unsure of the low frames per second count (4) but not once did I wish I had more, as the tradeoffs for the low fps is made up in every other area. The only downside (if there is one) is the massive RAW files it produces, they're almost 5x larger than my previous camera and can often push 50mb for one file - but this is obviously expected with the high megapixel count.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite images from the trip, I've had to split them into two parts (Puffins and Other) because there are so many. I hope you enjoy them!

Part Two: Other

18th June 2012 -

Updated website / Outer Hebrides images / Exciting news

I've finally done some much needed changes and tweaks to my website. There are still a few little things that need to be sorted out, but they will be rolled out in the next few days. The images below are a few of my favourites from a brilliant week on Uist last month with Discover the Wild. I had some great opportunities, but experiencing and trying to photograph in a gale force eight storm on a headland was something that I won't forget. Hopefully a few images below show how rough it was!

Also I have some exciting news coming in the next few weeks in regard to my body of work on Starlings. I'll post it up on here as soon as I can! Hope you enjoy these images in the meantime.